Why Compass Alliance?

We apply strategy principles and tools developed as
consultants, executives, and researchers. These
principles provide a foundation for our work and are listed
One of our principles is that each organization is unique in its people, its operating environment, or its
challenges. The methods that will work best for you aren’t necessarily the ones your competitor uses,
or the ones commonly taught in business school.
Another of our principles is that an analytical
toolset creates robust strategy that is relatively
insensitive to surprise. We apply our executive judgment to the latest research on strategic decision
But we don’t just look at numbers: we’ve found that people’s perspectives—their values, beliefs, and
expectations--are as important to strategy as the objective factors.
One tool takes a complex organization and extracts the handful of factors that are important to its
future.  This ability to focus in on the key driving forces lets you work efficiently, applying your
resources on things that matter
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