Principles of Strategy
  • Consensus is overrated--aligned action is critical
  • People’s perspectives--values, beliefs, and expectations--are as important to
    strategy success as objective considerations
  • Groups can agree on strategic actions without agreeing on perspectives
  • Diverse perspectives, often considered a barrier to consensus, can be useful in
    creating a strategy that is relatively insensitive to surprise
  • Each organization is unique, in its people, operating environment, or challenges
  • Outliers—people and observations far from the average—are worthy of attention
  • An analytic approach helps create a strategy that is clear and compelling to
  • Facts are stubborn things, but they are useful
  • Uncertainty, instead of being a challenge, can be used to your advantage
  • Humans are more than resources
  • Visual characterizations aid decision making and help stakeholders understand and
    commit to strategic actions.
  • Trust is a necessary but insufficient element of organizational effectiveness
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We apply strategy principles developed from our experience as
consultants, executives,  and researchers.