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The Compass Alliance Logo is based on a figure
from Lynne Wainfan’s doctoral dissertation. It is
Strategy Type Indicator Tool and is used as
follows: Once the key forces driving the
organization are determined, they are mapped
into one of four quadrants, depending on whether
they are controllable by the decision makers or
not, and whether they are near-term or long-term
factors. This visualization is a discussion aid-- it
shows a summary of the driving forces, and
focuses discussion on how to move the forces up
and to the right; factors that can be made
controllable in the long term are easier to address
than uncontrollable, near-term ones.
The types of strategies that work
best for one quadrant of the map
are different from those that work
best in another quadrant. The
figure on the right defines the
best strategy type, depending on
the driving force being addressed.
This figure was cited by several
researchers at RAND as a useful
tool—it organizes concepts used
by leading strategy researchers
into a framework that is easy to
understand and apply.
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