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Examples of strategic questions we’ve worked:
  • How can a leadership group agree on strategy even though they don’t agree on values, beliefs,
    or expectations?
  • What new telecommunications businesses can we create and spin off?
  • How can we change our board’s governance model to be more effective?
  • How can we turn a spacecraft company from a prototyping shop to a manufacturing facility?
  • How can we keep this educational institution healthy financially?
  • What are some new markets we could enter with our airplane technology?
  • How can we help top decision makers usefully think about climate change?
  • What can we do to help the head of a country fight piracy regionally?
  • How can we challenge our competitor’s multi-national defense program?
  • How can we get more radio frequencies from the FCC?
  • How can a clergyman better engage the young people in his congregation?
Meet the Founder of Compass Alliance
   Lynne Wainfan, Ph.D. is the founder and principal of Compass Alliance. Dr. Wainfan was a
former rocket scientist and executive at Boeing, creating conceptual engineering & business
models for more than 20 years. Upon deciding that “people are infinitely more interesting
than machines,” she earned her doctorate at RAND, and for the past 10 years has applied
her engineering  and management modeling experience to something much more fun and
explosive than rockets: people. She created state-of-the art technology to develop simple
conceptual models of human perspectives—their values, beliefs, and expectations. Her
methods have been applied to government, business and nonprofit organizational
 Lynne is author of numerous articles for technical, management, and mass-market
audiences, including the book,
Challenges of Virtual Collaboration: Videoconference,
Audioconference, and Computer-Aided Communications.
 Lynne is also a public speaker. Known for her quirky way of looking at the world and her
way with words. She's an invited speaker at events such as Renaissance Weekend and
TEDx. Click
 Dr. Wainfan's Speaking Brochure for a summary of her current speaking topics.
 Lynne holds a Bachelor's degree in Engineering from the University of Michigan, a Master's
degree in Engineering from UCLA, a Master's of Philosophy degree and Ph.D. in Policy
Analysis from the Pardee-RAND Graduate School.
>> more about Lynne
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the strategy type indicator that is the basis for our
Copyright 2011, Compass Alliance. All rights reserved.
Copyright 2011, Compass Alliance. All rights reserved.
Compass Alliance was founded with strategy principles and a toolset that help leaders characterize
their organization's current situation and the path to where they could be.
Depending on your unique needs, we may pull together experts in
Strategy  *  Organizational Development  *  Leadership  * Communication